Industrial investment

The best partner for your industrial investment in Europe

We have specific expertise in supporting relevant industrial investments

for hi-tech companies

Since 2018 we have attracted and helped ten companies, mainly from the USA and Europe. One of these projects has become especially relevant, with an overall investment of more than 90M euros.

Our services include tech-periscope, market overview and institutional, scientific and industrial development.

Thanks to our track record, we established permanent and fruitful relationships with several international and Italian institutions, facilitating the process.

In Italy, we are the only advisory with an agreement with the body in charge of the management of the industrial settlements. 



Exos Aerospace is a US company, a leader in reusable micro-rockets, orbital and suborbital. We support them in settling down in Europe, expanding their business, and institutional development and R&D development, especially with their hypersonic programme. Thanks to our services, Exos is going to invest more than 100M in Italy. 


Located in Candiolo, the Piedmontese Technological Pole (PTP)represents a relevant hub of innovative companies hosting cutting-edge technology companies and research institutes dedicated to medicine. The new hub, focused on the verticals of innovation, tech and eco-sustainability, will open its doors in autumn 2021 thanks to an investment of approximately 2 million euros, part of which thanks to the support of Finpiemonte with the Regional Call Investment attraction of the Regional Department for production activities and the collaboration of the Municipality of Candiolo. YSBC joined the project to support deep tech companies finding their selling point  in highly competitive markets

Smart Hospital

In 2021 we supported a prominent Italian company in private clinics to make a significant (30M) investment in technology and innovation. Our advisory went from the concept to the project financing.


The first global initiative setting and event, entrepreneurial, and venture hub to nurture and blossom solutions to SDGs based on Frontier Materials