From the Idea to the Technology, from the Technology to the Business

We help businesses dealing with technology

and vice versa. We support research bodies, startups, tech-enterprise in correctly up-taking their products to the market, providing advanced surveys on the scenario, competitors, and identifying potential buyers. We are also very good at finding side-applications for ancillary markets and defining an exploitation strategy, even for frontier research technologies.

We provide a qualified technology assessment service, helpful for big companies, tech-funds, and all who invest in technologies. We can provide our customers with a quantitative assessment of the value of technology, thanks to our proprietary methodologies, DIIVA and FIXIT


Green Chrome

On behalf of a very prominent Italian player, we found a solution to convert hexavalent-chromium into metallic chromium, recovering it from tannery industrial sludges. Greenchrome is an excellent example of how technology and research can make environmental sustainability also profitable. What is especially interesting in this project is that a suitable technology did not exist. We entirely developed it from our concept to the implementation.


We built up a value chain for precision farming, extracting the actual needs directly from the end-users (farmers) that we engaged. The first step is to make satellite farming real. We are still working on this topic for several customers, including companies, public institutions, and farmers’ organisations, to make the satellite-based solution as impactful and close to the end-users (the farmers) needs as possible. 


Advanced Suit For Space Travelers is such a cool project! Working together with the most prominent Italian supplier of racing wear and Nanoracks, a space company, we are developing a new concept of space wear but, in the style of yourscienceBC, we are simultaneously looking for improvement for “on the ground” suits, especially for health prevention, monitoring and safety.


We support CECOM, an Italian manufacturing company specialising in metal coating, exploiting its brand new technology for small rockets combustion chambers. We based our exploitation strategy on an excellent survey on the small rockets sector. We mapped and analysed all the rocket companies as well as the suppliers for rocket manufacturing.