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We support universities, research centres, startups and companies in the whole process of making their ideas an actual technology with a tangible impact.

We can manage the R&D activities, cover the technological gaps and provide advisory services in project financing, especially in European programmes for R&D and applied research.



The overall aim of ATLAS is to capitalise on the experience of the current advancements on HEA materials and structures and develop the necessary key enablers to allow for extended use of HEA-based materials in Space propulsion.  ATLAS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant No 101004172

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Fighting Cancer from Space aims at defining new patterns and references for biomedical research in microgravity. More specifically, FCSpace will test new methodologies for drug delivery by exploiting the peculiar fast breeding of cells in a microgravity environment. FCSpace produces real progress towards personalised medicine, especially in the fight against cancer and degenerative diseases.


Meat In-production for Discovery and Ambition. A human community on the Moon or Mars for long-term residence would require setting up a production unit allowing partial or total food autonomy. One of the primary objectives of a bioregenerative life-support system is to provide food sources for crewed missions, possibly exploiting in situ resources to support the production of the nutritional source necessary to sustain life and well-being in space. This project will assess the feasibility of cellular agriculture for space applications


Challenging problems demand tough players. That’s why¬†yoursciencebc¬†LTD has decided to sponsor and support the Advanced Materials for future Preparedness Taskforce. This extensive international network aim at supporting the development of Frontier Materials to fight against global crisis at a global scale.